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About Us

Personal Shopping & Delivery


ShopSmart wants to stimulate ALL neighborhoods (starting with low-income areas) and the businesses that services them by contracting local people to deliver from area businesses.  

We empower the community by creating more jobs and we empower businesses to reach new customers by bringing them both together to vitalize the local economy.

We want to make delivery accessible for EVERYONE!  


For the convenience of online grocery shopping and local restaurant delivery, try Shopsmart. Simply place an order whether it's for a restaurant or local grocery store, we will provide same day delivery in as little as 2 hours. Shopsmart is the only organization in the area to offer comprehensive delivery services. 

Customers are able to do their online shopping on our easy to use web site or call to place an order and we will do it for you. We then dispatch our SmartShoppers to one of your favorite local supermarkets such as Walts Food Centers, Jewel-Osco, Meijer and a ton of local grocery stores to gather your goods. We also send our shoppers to local restaurants and can have that order to your door in under a hour.

We recently established ourselves in the Southsurban areas of Chicago after realizing that such services were extremely rare but very needed.  With all the tasks of everyday life, we want to make life easier when it comes to the necessity of grocery shopping and last minute decision making for dinner.


There are numerous benefits to shopping online, like saving gas, money, shopping in bad weather and not to mention the sheer ease of buying online. 

  • Saves on Time - After a long day of work or having the role of being Super Mom. We will go do the shopping for you so you don't have to; saving you one of your most priceless assets "Time".
  • Saves on Gas - Spend less time at the pump when one of our SmartShoppers is on the Job!  
  • Saves Money - When you use ShopSmart it reduces "Impulse Buying" for additional  snacks or extra purchases at the register by helping you stick to your grocery list and budget.  
  • Convenience - Lets face it, life is much easier when you are able to complete tasks from the privacy of you own home.  Grocery shopping online stops the hassle of dealing with long lines, traffic to and from the store and not to mention missing crowded supermarkets.
  • ALWAYS BEAT INCLEMENT WEATHER WHEN USING SHOPSMART! - No more dragging groceries or driving to that restaurant  in the rain and snow, let us handle shopping in the bad weather for you while you are nice and warm in your home.

Supported Areas: 

 * Riverdale, IL    

* South Holland,IL    * Dolton,IL               

* Calumet City,IL  * Burnham, IL

* Lansing,IL     * Harvey,IL              

* Hammond, IN  



Other cities will be added very soon! Refer to this section to check if SmartShoppers are available in your area!