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  On demand delivery from local grocery stores and restaurants!

-We ShopSmart so you don't have to- 

Shopping From Home:

If you think on-line grocery shopping sounds easy, wait until you try ShopSmart!! Delivery has never before worked so quickly and efficiently.  With ShopSmart your favorite restaurants now deliver!  

ShopSmart enables you to virtually shop for groceries from local markets and take out food from your favorite restaurants!  ShopSmart is a personal shopping service that shops on your behalf. 

Instead of sitting in traffic, waiting in long lines and dealing with crowded grocery stores, why not stay in the comfort of your home?  Your SmartShopper will always keep you updated with your order process.

How ShopSmart  Works for Local Grocery Stores:

Choose your grocery items, from the on-line inventory and add them to your cart just as you would in a grocery store. Once you check out and pay for your groceries, a personal shopper (SmartShopper) will fulfill the order and can often have it delivered in less than two hours from order placement. Your SmartShopper will visit most local grocery stores you choose in your coverage area. 

The SmartShopper will shop for your groceries, stand in line and deliver them to your front door in all weather conditions. You can also choose your delivery time frame starting from 2-3 hours or anytime of the day you would like. Save gas and time when you have your personal SmartShopper do the grocery shopping for you! 

How ShopSmart Works for Local Restaurants:

Choose the restaurant you would like take out from then place and pay for your order through ShopSmart! A SmartShopper will place and pick up your order from your favorite local restaurant and have it to you in under an hour. If you've ever wanted yummy food from a restaurant that doesn't typically deliver, then ShopSmart is for you! 

Your SmartShopper will call you when they receive your order and will keep you updated with its progress. Your order is then transported in an industry standard thermal insulation bag so it is fresh for you.

Note: SmartShoppers only place and transport your order from the restaurant of your choice.  Our SmartShoppers never handle/prepare any food directly. The quality of the food is the restaurant's responsibility. ShopSmart is an independent business and is not necessarily endorsed or affiliated with any of the restaurants or retailers mentioned on this site. 


Supported Areas: 

* Riverdale, IL    

* South Holland,IL    * Dolton,IL               

* Calumet City,IL  * Burnham, IL

* Lansing,IL              * Harvey,IL              

* Hammond, IN  



Other cities will be added very soon! Refer to this section to check if SmartShoppers are available in your area!